As the emotions of Tuesday’s presidential election sink in, many of us feel at a loss for how we will come together after such divisive and uncivil conduct. And while we either celebrate or come to terms with the results, we must remember that campaign rhetoric is one thing, but governing is something else altogether.

Governing requires real-world decisions with real-world consequences. While anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric helped President-Elect Trump win the election, it did so by playing to unfounded fears. In reality, immigrants and Latinos are crucial assets to our nation which help raise the standard of living for all.

Our great nation has always been fueled by the hard work of immigrants who have risked everything in pursuit of the American Dream. Immigrants contribute far more economically than they draw from our system, and we need their entrepreneurial spirit now as much as ever. Chicanos Por La Causa will work with the new administration to make this case for America.

Many Latinos feel insulted or threatened by the rhetoric that has come out of this election season. And while Trump has proven that the presidency can still be won by alienating minority groups of all kinds, there is still hope for the future. America’s youth are already a minority-majority, and as the Latino population continues to grow, politicians will increasingly be unable to ignore our voice. Indeed, we are not without reason to celebrate: Tuesday’s election brought us a higher minimum wage in Arizona, a number of new “firsts” in congress, including the first Latina senator, and, finally, a repudiation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio by Arizona voters.

The greatness of any nation can be found, not in its palaces and monuments, but in how well it treats its most vulnerable. CPLC stands by our mission to represent and serve marginalized communities regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, or religion. We promote political and economic empowerment leading to self-sufficiency and will support the President-Elect insofar as his policies align with these goals. However, we will always strongly oppose any leader who supports a racist, sexist, or anti-immigrant agenda.

Chicanos Por La Causa is a voice for the voiceless. If this is a cause you believe in, we invite you to join La Causa by supporting our programs and services. Join us in helping those in need help themselves. Join us in fighting for a nation which truly provides liberty and justice for all.


Bill Holmes

Community leader passes away

David AdameDavid Adame

Dear CPLC Familia:

It is with heavy heart that I extend my condolences to the family of Bill Holmes. Bill’s recent passing leaves us heartbroken. He was a valuable contributor to CPLC, but even more, he was a beloved husband, father, and community pillar.

Bill was known by many as “Mr. Tucson” for his contributions to his local community. He was generous with both time and money and a friend to many. Bill led the Tucson Boulevard beautification project during his time at the Metro Chamber of Commerce and most recently served as managing CEO for Agape Hospice Care.

We knew Bill very well as a leader of CPLC’s efforts in Southeastern Arizona. As member of the CPLC southern Arizona Advisory Board since 2009 and past chair, Bill dedicated his time served to connecting people and communities.  His presence, commitment, loyalty, and humor will truly be missed.

We truly feel a sense of loss as an organization and a community. While Bill will be greatly missed, let us all take time to reflect on how we can learn and grow from his example of true commitment to service. 

Thank you and God Bless,

David Adame
President & CEO
Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc.

Esperanza Award Nominations Open

Nomination forms are now available for the 18th Annual Esperanza Latino Teacher Awards. Nominate a teacher today!


Dear Superintendents, Principals and Administrative Assistants:

It’s time for the 18thAnnual Esperanza Latino Teacher Awards Nominations. Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (CPLC) along with our presenting sponsors SRP and Cox Communications would like to offer Latino teachers in your schools the opportunity to receive an award this year. 

The EsperanzaLatino Teacher Awards recognize four outstanding Latino educators and their impact on our future generations. In addition to winning this prestigious distinction, each of the four award recipients will receive a$5,000 cash award plus a $2,500 stipend to their respective school. This year’s ceremony will honor the award recipients at a reception on October 20, 2016 at the Chateau Luxe in Phoenix, AZ.

Please find below the link to the nomination form. We encourage you to forward this information to all the schools in your district to allow everyone to have the opportunity to apply. Applications are due no later than Friday, September 2nd

Thank you for your consideration and we encourage you to promote this award as it is the only program that recognizes outstanding Latino educators throughout Arizona.

Download nomination form