Youth Enrichment

CPLC's Youth Enrichment programs help youth succeed.

CPLC’s Youth Enrichment programs, housed at the CPLC Community Center in Phoenix, provide a safe and supportive environment to help youth succeed in school, college, and career.

We engage youth of all ages with tutoring; homework help; hands-on STEM activities; sports and recreation; nutrition and health education; arts and culture activities; and character development. Teen participants gain leadership experience by leading self-directed service projects that demonstrate how their actions—positive or negative—can have lasting impact on their communities.

Our programs serve low-income neighborhoods experiencing high rates of crime, failing schools, and low rates of educational attainment.

“The CPLC Community Center inspired me to go to college.”

CPLC Community Center

The CPLC Community Center is a multi-generational community hub in the Carl Hayden neighborhood in Phoenix. A neighborhood landmark with its iconic mural, this center provides critical safety-net resources to surrounding families and a safe space for all. As a part of the Family Empowerment of Programs, the learning center provides youth and adult programs that are FREE or low cost.

Services include:

In addition to these community services, the CPLC Community Center also hosts an array of cultural events and activities for positive social development, wellness, mental health and community organization and engagement.

CPLC Central Park

The Central Park Rec Center is a City of Phoenix youth recreation center located at Central Park in Phoenix. A partnership with Grant Park and the Youth Barrio Project, the center provides youth and adult sports programming and community resources. Services include: After-School Programs, Youth & Adult Sports Programs, Family Assistance Services & Referrals, Community Resources & Food Boxes.

CPLC West Phoenix Amanecer Prevention Coalition

The CPLC West Phoenix's Amanecer Prevention Program is a culturally-responsive wellness and prevention program for youth and families serving the west Phoenix communities. Housed at the CPLC Community Center and funded thru an AHCCCS grant, this program was inspired by our sister program in Tucson, The Nahui Ollin Wellness Program, and using the premise of, La Cultura Cura, "The Culture Heals," we hope to foster youth engagement and leadership development thru an indigenous approach. We believe our communities can strive for holistic healing and wellness thru a youth and community-led advocacy.

Our Youth Enrichment
programs serve youth grades


We provide direct
services to more than


students every week.

Our Youth Enrichment
programs use only


practices to maximize impact.

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CPLC Community Center

3216 West Van Buren Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85009

(602) 269-2578


CPLC Central Park

140 East Tonto Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

(602) 622-8352