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Nahui Ollin Wellness Program

The Nahui Ollin Wellness Program is a strengths-based program that empowers Tucson youth with the tools to build a foundation of healthy behaviors, a sense of purpose, and improved decision-making habits.

The program incorporates activities that explore culture, identity, character, peer relationships, family dynamics, communication, health, civic engagement, and leadership. A service-learning component engages youth in volunteerism to promote the idea that their actions—positive or negative—can have lasting impacts on their families and communities.

Wellness components include mental health, domestic and dating violence, healthy relationships, teen pregnancy, and substance use. By offering positive alternatives and leadership opportunities, youth make better choices about substance use, are motivated to delay pregnancy, and excited to pursue education.

Nahui Ollin incorporates indigenous ancestral knowledge to highlight universal values that exist across cultures to encourage youth to explore their cultural identity in an inclusive context. Values such as respect, self-care, and interconnectedness promote inclusivity rather than tension between groups.

Nahui Ollin serves more than 600 students each year in partnership with Tucson schools as well as through the Xinachtli Leadership Conference and the Corazon Leadership Retreat.

“I will use these lessons for the rest of my life.”

How you can help!

Our work is only possible with support from our community. Your gift directly supports youth empowerment in Tucson through education, leadership retreats, and other critical needs. Plus, donations to Nahui Ollin are eligible for the QCO tax credit. Learn more here!

For in-kind donations and volunteer opportunities, contact Lydia Martinez at Lydia.Martinez@cplc.org.

Nahui Ollin Wellness Program

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