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We connect job-seekers with employers.

It’s probably nothing like what you remember from school.

From the rusted-steel facade to wide open spaces with natural light and garage doors, CPLC Workforce Solutions' Hub feels more like a scrappy tech startup than an education facility. The contrast is intentional.

While most adult education programs aim for career advancement, they lack the infrastructure to follow through. CPLC Workforce Solutions connects education with employment by partnering with employers to determine their needs and bringing together job seekers to fill open positions.

This approach places clients in a position to succeed rather than filling out 50 to 100 applications for jobs that may be the wrong fit. More important, CPLC Workforce helps clients find a career, not just a job, focusing on high-growth fields such as health care and technology that will allow them to be fully self-sufficient and provide for their families.

CPLC Workforce also provides training at all levels, from 1:1 and small-group GED tutoring to industry-tailored skills development. In one example of the latter, the program is currently providing English and Spanish language classes at a large corporation for entry-level employees through management to improve internal communication.

These innovative practices are incredibly effective for Opportunity Youth (16–24 year-olds not working or enrolled in school). By offering services to all, CPLC Workforce successfully helps high-need populations while benefiting the community at large.

Youth Workforce Program

Our program in Phoenix helps guide youth, ages 16-24, through their desired career path and provides funds for school. We help program participants avoid loans for their education by providing $7,000-$10,000 per year for school depending on industry.

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CPLC Workforce Solutions

619 N. 7th Ave. Building B
Phoenix, AZ 85007