Message from Delma Herrera

6th Oct 2023

I am writing to announce our recent change in leadership at CPLC. 

After 15+ years of service with CPLC, David Adame has resigned from his position of President and Chief Executive Officer. His service has led CPLC to new heights and we wish him much success in his new endeavors. 

We are also excited to share that the CPLC Board of Directors has appointed Alicia Nuñez, Executive Vice President and CFO, as the interim President & CEO of CPLC. 

Alicia Nuñez’s qualifications, including her commitment, experience, and reputation as an excellent leader, distinguish her as an exceptional candidate for this role. In addition, this will be the first time we have a Latina President & CEO of CPLC, representing a significant milestone for our organization. 

Alicia Nuñez and I are committed, along with the other members of the Board of Directors and the CPLC Executive Team, to ensure a smooth transition toward the next chapter at CPLC. 

Our Board of Directors and members of the leadership team will strive to maintain open communication during this transition with our supporters, partners, and the community we serve. 

Thank you for your continued support as we move forward together, firmly committed to CPLC’s vision and mission of empowering lives in our community. 


Delma Herrera Signature

Delma Herrera 

Board Chair, CPLC 

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