Promoting Vaccination Through Art

15th Sep 2021

While we have made progress against COVID, we are not out of the woods yet. An important piece to fighting the pandemic is getting vaccinated. CPLC, along with Facebook and the City of Mesa, have taken a creative approach to promote this important step, using a mural in downtown Mesa to encourage people to get vaccinated.

The mural features colorful artwork and many different family members doing activities such as making tamales and hugging. These features were chosen to appeal to the Latino Community, as the pandemic has greatly impacted this community and CPLC is working to encourage vaccination among Latinos. At the unveiling of the mural the President and CEO of CPLC, David Adame, reaffirmed the message: “Together, we can win the battle against this virus.”

The mural is located in downtown Mesa near Kiva Lodge and was created by the artist Yocelyn Riojas. (@yocelyn.riojas on Instagram)

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