Slavery more prevalent now than ever

31st Aug 2021

We like to think that slavery is a thing of the past. A stain on the American conscience, which we would have condemned loudly. But while it is no longer legal, slavery is more prevalent now than at any time in human history. And just as in the past, many stand silently by, unaware of the breadth and depth of its destruction.

Modern slavery takes many forms, including forced labor, forced marriage, and human trafficking. Here in the United States, the most prevalent form of modern slavery is human trafficking, and Phoenix, AZ is a destination point for human trafficking survivors.

Usually the victims of this form of exploitation are young women in extreme poverty. Often, they are forcibly kidnapped and sold to a brothel. Others are individuals experiencing homelessness with no other options to meet their basic needs for survival. Of 22 trafficking survivors in a study by Covenant House New York, one third were trafficked by an immediate family member.

Victims of sex trafficking are often forced to perform illegal acts such as stealing from stores and dealing drugs, which makes it harder for them to re-integrate into mainstream society. 

Chicanos Por La Causa is committed to helping survivors of human trafficking rebuild their lives. We provide outreach, awareness, intensive case management, medical support, counseling, and other critical services to victims of human trafficking as young as 13 years old.

We also provide transitional housing, as human trafficking survivors with immigrant and refugee status often have trouble finding housing.

While these services are a lifeline to many, as long as poverty and housing insecurity persist, others will continue to be forced into this tragic form of exploitation.

That sobering reality underscores the importance of Chicanos Por La Causa’s broader mission. Through our wide-ranging services coupled with political advocacy for social supports and systemic change, we are committed to eradicating poverty and housing insecurity so that no one is forced into this form of exploitation again.

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