Help Our Kids Connect!

27th Jul 2020

For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work, learn, and connect with others. Many of us are working from home or with new safety procedures; kids meet with their classmates and teachers online; friends and family enjoy socially-distant hangouts via video chat. The change has been a struggle, but one that we have learned to bear. 
But for thousands of Arizona families, the pandemic has meant complete disconnection from work, school, and life. This is because more than 100,000 Arizona students lack computer and internet access at home. While school continued online, many children and teens were left without a way to learn, complete homework assignments, or stay connected to their teachers. Even as schools worked to expand WiFi internet access, a family still needs a device in order to connect. 
This means that kids who can't afford to connect from home are penalized by schools and fall behind their classmates, with potential lifelong consequences. This digital divide has long perpetuated inequality in educational outcomes, but never has this been more evident than during this pandemic. 

This is why CPLC has teamed up with AZStrut, an organization that collects and refurbishes donated computer equipment. For just $30, this partnership can provide a family in need with a working laptop computers and internet devices to:  

  • Allow children to reconnect to school via virtual learning  
  • Enable teens to conduct online research and write papers  
  • Help parents apply for jobs or locate community resources 
  • Allow the entire family to save money, make more informed purchasing decisions, and stay connected  

A gift of just $30 can change the trajectory of a child's life. 

Will you make a gift of $30, $60, $90, or any amount to help kids connect?  

You can make your donation here 

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