Census Deadline Extended

22nd Jul 2020

Congress approved the extension of the count to move to October 31, 2020 amid the pandemic. In the coming weeks Census takers will knock on doors to interview households that have not responded to the questionnaires. This is the "Early NRFU" (Nonresponse Follow-up) phase as listed in this revised Census schedule of events.

As of last night, Arizona’s self-response is at 59% compared to the national self-response rate of 62.3%; you can view the response rate county by county, municipality response rate, or even down to the zip codes through this interactive site.

We can all do our part by encouraging families, individuals of all ages, couch-surfers, garage-dwellers and homeless individuals to make their presence count. Over the internet takes less than 10 minutes, over the phone is also quick and easy and both can be done in Spanish and English until October 31st. To complete the questionnaire by internet or over the phone click here

President and CEO of Chicanos Por La Causa David Adame states, “The 2020 Census is our opportunity to shape our state’s future for the next decade. Lets ensure we get our fair share of funding for schools, healthcare, roads and the programs that we need to drive and empower lives.” See his complete message here.

And remember, there is no citizenship question on the US Census, so everyone is safe filling it out regardless of immigration status. Chicanos Por La Causa is a named organizational plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging the Administrations quest to ask for citizenship in the Census 2020 questionnaire and in a separate lawsuit as interveners in Alabama’s lawsuit requesting that the Census not count undocumented migrants.

We can all do our part to make our communities stronger – together we can.

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