Running Towards Their Dreams

Mr. Gabriel Robles

Social Studies and Economics Teacher, Carl Hayden Community High School

Since childhood, Mr. Robles’s passion for running motivated him to succeed academically. But it wasn’t until his junior year of college that he found out he didn’t have average grades because he was “dumb”—he was dyslexic.

Today, he doesn’t see this as a disability, but as the superpower that has allowed him to empathize and connect with his students. From waking up at 3 am to pick up his students for morning practice, to buying them shoes, to tutoring his ESL students during his lunch, Mr. Robles is determined to help his students achieve academic success and personal growth.

Mr. Robles is also teaching his students to be proud of their heritage by teaching US History through a Mexican American perspective and pioneering the first high school dual language program in Phoenix.