About Us

Who We Are

Chicanos Por La Causa is an all-encompassing organization for the underserved.  

CPLC was founded in 1969 by a group of community and student activists to confront oppression facing the Latino community in South Central Phoenix. Since then, we have expanded our mission to promote stronger and healthier communities throughout the southwestern United States, including Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico, serving more than 200,000 individuals annually. Republic Media's 2016 Who's Who in Business recognized us as the largest charity in Arizona. 

Our vibrant community presence spans a comprehensive range of bilingual and bi-cultural services in Economic Development, Education, Health & Human Services, and Housing. While our services are offered to all people, regardless of ethnic background, we have a special competence in meeting the needs of the Latino community and have become the most trusted provider of services to Latinos in Arizona.

What Sets Us Apart

Our innovative economic model reduces the burden of public dollars to provide needed services to our community.

To support our mission of helping individuals become economically and politically empowered and self-sufficient, we have chosen to lead by example. Unlike most non-profits, CPLC also owns and manages for-profit businesses, which help sustain our charitable initiatives. Currently, more than 55% of our revenue is self-generated, with a goal of 77% by 2022. 

As the largest Community Development Corporation in Arizona, CPLC provides integrated group programs and services which respond to the growing needs of the community from infants to seniors. We are focused on individuals and families with low or moderate income levels and complement our services with cultural and linguistic competencies. More than eighty-eight percent of all funds received by CPLC are applied to direct services.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (CPLC) is a community development corporation, committed to building stronger, healthier communities as a lead advocate, coalition builder, and direct service provider. CPLC promotes positive change and self-sufficiency to enhance the quality of life for the benefit of those we serve.

Our Vision

CPLC is a progressive, community based organization recognized locally, nationally, and internationally as a model for responsive, integrated human and economic development. CPLC is a benchmark culturally proficient organization whose unifying voice and advocacy builds alliances, bridges borders, and empowers communities and the people we serve.

Board of Directors

Leonardo Loo

Quarles & Brady, LLP

Carmen Cornejo

Vice Chair
Lacy & Larkin
Frontera Fund 

Antonio Moya

Salt River Project

Javier Cardenas, M.D.

St. Joseph's Hospital

Members At Large

Stephanie Acosta - Ed & Verma Pastor Elementary
Terry Cain - Avnet, Inc.
Alberto Esparza - Sí Se Puede Foundation
Mike Esparza - Crescent Crown Distributing
Ted N. Geisler - Arizona Public Service
Erica Gonzalez-Melendez - Snow, Carpio & Weekley - Community Advocate
Jose Antonio Habre - City of Phoenix
Delma Herrera - Cox Communications
Manny Molina - M&M Media
Robert Ortiz - Bashas’
Rodolfo Parga, Jr. - Ryley Carlock & Applewhite
Rudy Perez - City of Phoenix-Retired
Ray Salazar - Arizona Department of Corrections - Retired
Raquel Terán - Community Advocate
Alex Varela - Intel
Abe Arvizu, Jr. - City of Phoenix

Executive Leadership Team

David Adame

President & CEO

Pedro Cons

Executive Vice President
Integrated Health

Andres L. Contreras

Executive Vice President
Social Services & Education

Max Gonzales

Executive Vice President
Strategy & Relationship Management

Alicia Nuñez

Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

John Ramirez

Executive Vice President
Business Enterprises

Germán Reyes

Executive Vice President
Real Estate Operations

Maria Spelleri

Executive Vice President
General Counsel

Advisory Boards and Committees

Our advisory boards represent the various regions and disciplines we serve to ensure that our services meet community needs. Each advisory board is made up of community and industry members who meet regularly to provide feedback on our programs and services. Our advisory boards include: 

Southeast Arizona Advisory Board

Nevada State Advisory Board

Early Childhood Development Policy Council

Health & Human Services Advisory Board

Prestamos Community Advisory Board

Prestamos Loan Committee

Tiempo Board of Directors

View Advisory Board Members

Annual Report

Our Annual Report provides a summary of our impact for the year, recent client success stories, and an overview of of our programs and services. Click on the image below to view our current Annual Report: