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South of the Border

Oct 5, 2017

Chicanos Por La Causa leads meeting between high-level Mexico and Arizona leaders to improve bi-national business and political relations.

by Emilio Gaynor, CPLC Business Enterprise

Chicanos Por La Causa’s ongoing efforts to make a positive impact through relationships with Mexico have continued to raise our profile. Recently, we led a discussion with one of the most important politicians in Mexico—Miguel Angel Mancera, Governor of Mexico City and President of the Mexican Confederation of Governors (CONAGO)—and members of the Arizona Legislature and Arizona private, academic and non-profit sector during an AZ delegation visit.

Gathering 24 Arizona legislators and more than 50 business and community leaders, the mission was the largest Arizona delegation ever in Mexico City. The event was organized by the President of the International and Local Affairs Committee of the AZ Legislature, Rep. Tony Rivero, and co-chaired by CPLC President & CEO David Adame.

Mexico City Governor, Miguel Angel Mancera, welcomed David Adame, CPLC Board Chair Carmen Cornejo, Dr. Eunice Rendon, Rep. Tony Rivero and CPLC senior staff for a discussion regarding several points of mutual interest related to business opportunities between CPLC and Mexico City’s business leaders, during a private meeting with the Governor prior to the general meeting with the Arizona Legislature.

The discussions focused on responsible and sustainable economic development and how the Arizona Legislature is formalizing activities to ensure that Arizona’s relationship with Mexico continues to grow in a positive manner. Immediately following, at the meeting with the rest of the legislative delegation, David Adame and Tony Rivero discussed how CONAGO and Arizona might work together on topics of mutual interest such as:

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