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A Second Chance

Apr 16, 2018

Individuals recovering from substance abuse and addiction find a new lease on live at CPLC Corazón

by Elisha Franklin, CPLC Corazón

When Thomas first arrived at CPLC Corazón, he openly admitted, “A month ago, life was hopeless.”

Thomas’ struggles over the years with bi-polar disorder and depression had led him to self-medicate with alcohol.

Unfortunately, years of dependency led to addiction, which tore apart his body and alienated him from his family. He came to CPLC Corazón battling chronic pain and not on speaking terms with his children.

At first, Thomas was almost silent in any group setting, overcome with guilt over his past actions and hurt by his children’s absence from his life.

Finally, in an individual meeting with Step-Down staff, Thomas finally felt “heard” by his counselor and was able to form a plan of action to confront and overcome his past.

As he changed from within, Thomas began to engage with others in the program for the first time. Soon, he was volunteering to help around the facility and mentoring his peers who were newer to the program.

By the end of his stay at CPLC Corazón, Thomas had overcome his internal turmoil and put together a plan to become self-sufficient. Today, Thomas has found housing and is working in the restaurant industry, where he is training to become a manager.

But more importantly, after the long road to recovery, Thomas has finally been able to reach back out to and begin to rebuild his relationship with his children, which to him means the most of all.

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