Statement on Supreme Court DACA Case

12th Nov 2019

Dear Familia,

As the U.S. Supreme Court considers its DACA ruling, it’s important to remember that we are not merely talking about an administrative program at haphazard risk, we are talking about putting people at unnecessary risk – individuals with aspirations, dreams, talents and skills -- as positive contributors to the American society and workplace, both individually and collectively.

It’s also important to understand that due to outdated qualification requirements, there are many more Dreamers who presently don’t have the DACA protection that today is at risk due to an obsession on short-sighted politics instead of a focus on sound long-term policy. All Dreamers are a fitting representative of our nation of immigrants, which has become home for so many immigrant families for so many generations.

Respectfully, Dreamers will always have the full support of Chicanos Por La Causa, and we will continue to proudly work with our many partners in the business, community, education and government arenas in seeing that Dreamers take their rightful place among U.S. citizens. They are a valuable resource we cannot afford to lose by upheaving their lives.

We’ve invested in their future through education, and they’re repaid us with a strong commitment to the American Dream through their deeds, actions and service. Together, we can ensure this nation achieves its full potential by building on dreams achieved by hard work and keen minds for all willing participants, including Dreamers. As we await the Supreme Court’s decision, we remain positive about our shared future.

God Bless,
David Adame
President & CEO
Chicanos Por La Causa

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