CPLC Census Coalition

11th Mar 2019

CPLC kicked off a series of Census Coalition meetings to help ensure that every person is counted in the 2020 Census. CPLC, along with the Maricopa County Supervisor, convened the second meeting last week. The participants included organizations that advocate for homeless, women, children, elderly, faith, environmental, education, labor and youth. Also participating are several longtime community leaders and elected officials.

The coalition has just identified a working group from among the participants to help steer a strategic outreach plan to educate the community on why it’s important to participate and the various new ways that the Census will be using to count the population.

Keep a look out for our activities as we invite the public to join us on any of the following:

  • Holding CCC kickoff meetings with media briefings.
  • Participating in Census rallies or parades.
  • Coordinating Census unity youth forums.
  • Hosting Interfaith breakfasts and weekend events.
  • Encouraging the use of Statistics in Schools classroom resources.
  • Incorporating census information in organizations’ newsletters, social media posts, podcasts, mailings, and websites.

We’re also encouraging job seekers to apply to work for the census, as they are looking to hire hundreds of people. More info at:  www.2020Census.gov

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