CPLC Welcomes New Chairman of the Board of Directors

21st Feb 2019

CPLC is proud to welcome Tony Moya as the new Chairman of the Board. Tony has served on the board of CPLC since 2009. Growing up in Central Phoenix, he saw the impact of this organization on his community and was eager to volunteer his time to support its mission. He will serve as Board Chair for CPLC's 50th Anniversary.

 50 years ago, a group of student leaders rose up to demand fair and equal treatment from the public education system. Because of their work, school policies were changed. Dreams were achieved. And their movement, which they called Chicanos Por La Causa, was born. 

Since that time, CPLC has expanded to provide services that ensure all people have access to a quality education; safe, affordable housing; accessible healthcare; and meaningful work to support themselves and their families. Like you, we believe that a person’s ability to succeed in this country should not be determined by their race, ethnicity, age, gender, orientation, or zip code.

But, we know that simply providing services is not enough. Achieving this vision requires systemic change on many levels through coordinated efforts from grassroots activists, advocacy groups, service providers, and policymakers.

This year, Moya's priority is to continue to bring CPLC back to its roots. Together with David Adame and CPLC's leadership team, he is committed to promoting young, grassroots leaders and advocating for policies that impact the communities CPLC serves.

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