Now is the time—Register to Vote!

4th Jul 2020

Our country was founded upon a paradox: promising freedom and justice for all, while providing that basic dignity only to some.

As we have striven to make our society more inclusive, our nation has continued to exploit and exclude those on the margins. Yet, these marginalized populations have made most American’s day-to-day lives possible throughout our history, from the land we live on, to the food we eat, to the soldiers fighting and dying in our wars.

Today we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in this ongoing struggle.

In a ruling appropriately timed during LGBTQ pride month, The US Supreme Court mandated that employers cannot legally discriminate against LGBTQ employees. We applaud this decision, which hearkens back to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, confirming that discrimination based on sexual orientation is, in fact, discrimination based on sex.

We also celebrate the Supreme Court decision blocking the Trump Administration from ending the DACA program, which provides immigration protection for individuals brought to the United States as children. This decision, however, is only a temporary solution. Ultimately, we need legislation to protect the status of DACA recipients once and for all.

Unfortunately, just a week after these rulings, the Supreme Court handed a defeat to asylum seekers fleeing violence, paving the way for fast-track deportations.

In the meantime, the Black Lives Matter movement continues to push for equity in our police and criminal justice systems—a cause which resonates deeply with the Latino community as well, particularly in Arizona, where racial profiling has a well-documented history.

At this critical moment, it is up to us to determine the path of history. There are many ways to push for the concrete legislative action necessary to make our society more equitable—from protesting to donating and volunteering for advocacy groups. However, most fundamental of all is basic participation in our democracy through voting at the national, state, and local levels.

Now is the time to register to vote if you have not already and encourage your family and friends to do the same. Arizona's voter registration deadline to vote in the primary election is in 6 days. In a democracy, every vote counts, but it only counts if we vote. Register now at

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