Health & Human Services

Substance Abuse

CPLC Corazón  has been providing Substance Abuse treatment through its CARF Accredited Level II Residential Treatment Center since 1983. The 30- to 60-day structured treatment program incorporates best practices targeted to the clients enrolled in the program. Corazón is a client-centered, multicultural, and bilingual center that utilizes a variety of treatment modalities to deliver services that are effective and meet the needs of the individual person.

CPLC Corazón features a range of substance abuse services, including residential and transitional living programs. Clients who successfully complete the 30-day residential program can apply for admission into the transitional program, which provides a supportive, structured environment where clients receive case management, referral, and job services that create a strong network as the client moves on to independent, healthy living. Our 41-bed, ADA accessible residential facility and transitional program, which features a kitchen, laundry, and accommodations for 17 men, are located on the same campus.

In May 2015, we opened the doors for our Hospital Step Down Program. CPLC’s step-down services were established to help clients transition from the hospital to permanent and stable housing. Our goal is for each client to transition out of the step-down facility within 7-10 days. We work aggressively with PNOs, QSPs and CMs to ensure that the maximum stay does not exceed 14 days.

3639 W Lincoln St
Phoenix, AZ 85009
 (602) 233-9747

We also offer outpatient substance abuse services at the
CPLC Maryvale Community Service Center
6850 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85033 Map
(623) 247-0464