Our organization impacts
more than 250,000 lives every year.

As one of the largest nonprofits in the Southwest, we advocate for marginalized communities and individuals, helping them attain self-sufficiency through political and economic empowerment.

Our impact extends through our programs and services, which directly touch people's lives, as well as advocacy on behalf of vulnerable communities.

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Our services promote self-empowerment in four Areas of Impact:

    Economic Development

    We create opportunities for small businesses and neighborhoods to flourish through business lending, commercial development, and financial empowerment.

  • Education

    We educate to empower children, youth, and adults, providing Early and Migrant Head Start, charter high schools, youth character and leadership development, academic enrichment programs, scholarships, workforce development, and GED and English classes.

  • Health & Human Services

    We treat the whole person through behavioral health, domestic violence shelter and prevention, emergency assistance, elder services, legal immigration counseling, HIV, individual and family counseling, women’s health, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation and prevention.

  • Housing

    We strengthen communities, offering all types of housing development, property management, neighborhood revitalization, housing counseling, and other pertinent services.

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Your contribution is an form of activism, fighting for a world in which all people, regardless of background, have a voice and an opportunity.